Taichi Panda: Heroes Wiki

Heroes are the core unit in Taichi Panda: Heroes. Players can collect various Heroes to join their team, mixing and matching them for maximum effect.

Collecting Heroes[ | ]

In order to gain new Heroes, a player must first collect the requisite 10 Soulstones for a given Hero. These Soulstones are a vital resource to acquiring and upgrading Heroes. Different Soulstones can be acquired through different means.

Once 10 Soulstones for a given Hero have been collected, players can go to the Team Menu to summon the Hero. Once summoned, players can manage the Hero and place them on their Team when they go into battle.

Managing Heroes[ | ]

Each individual Hero has their own level and set of skills, as well as Attributes, Equipment slots and Rune slots. The combination of all of the Hero's characteristics combine to form their Might Score, which when placed on a Team will contribute to the player's Might Score.

Hero Level[ | ]

Each individual Hero has their own Level and Experience. A Hero's maximum level is equal to the current Team Level to which the player has reached.

Players can upgrade the level of their Heroes by enter gaining Experience. All Heroes in the active roster will receive Experience for completing Battles. Heroes can also be manually leveled by going to the "Hero Upgrade" menu and using Exp Potions. Different quality Exp Potions will offer different quantities of Experience.

Hero Tier[ | ]

Each individual Hero will begin at Tier 1. Players can increase the Tier of their Heroes by collecting and consuming Soulstones, Tier Pills and Gold. Increasing the Tier of a Hero greatly increases their Attributes.

Hero Skills[ | ]

Each Hero has 1 Basic Attack, 3 Combat Skills, and 1 Rare Skill. The Basic Attack cannot be upgraded. Players can upgrade the Combat and Rare Skills using Gold. The maximum level of a Combat Skill is equal to the current Hero Level. The maximum level of a "Rare Skill" is equal to the current Hero Tier.

Equipment[ | ]

Each Hero has 7 spots for Equipment that can be equipped. The available types of Equipment for that Hero will depend on their Damage Type.

Runes[ | ]

Heroes each have 6 spots for Runes. These can be chosen manually, or auto-fill for the best general fit.

List of Heroes[ | ]

Pan Da Icon Lauren Icon Maxee Icon
Jackee Icon Phoenix Icon Swordsman Icon Night Icon
Borik Icon Xu Xi Icon Mimi Icon Aimee Icon Kasa Icon
Rathas Icon Bacchus Icon Stryker Icon Bella Bomba Icon

Synergy[ | ]

Different Heroes can gain boosts based on the progress of other Heroes. Find the perfect combination and manage each of your Heroes to gain the maximum Synergy! See specific Heroes for details on Synergy.